Our Picks for the 5 Best Keyboards for Beginners

When you are just starting out playing piano it is very easy to get confused over the countless options you have in terms of educational material and actual keyboards that are available for purchase. Nevertheless, while the former is mostly free and is easy to check out and see for yourself, it is the latter that needs you to make a decision and pay a certain sum to see if the product suits you, so, in this review we will introduce our picks for the 5 best Keyboards for beginners.

As a beginner, it is hard to understand just what exactly do you need in a keyboard since you are yet to acquire any experience playing the instrument yourself. Moreover, it can seem like a quite difficult subject to research as there are numerous ways in which keyboards are different.

Some things to consider when making a choice between various devices would be the weight of the instrument, whether the keys are weighted or not and whether its primary focus is to deliver an authentic grand piano sound or rather an electronic and modern one.

After all, choosing a keyboard is a hard decision and may even discourage you from trying to learn how to play piano. Therefore, we decided to help you by making a list with all the cons and pros you want to know before committing to buy a starter keyboard.

Introducing the Top 5 Best Keyboards for Beginners

Yamaha NP-32

Yamaha is something you have probably seen or heard if you ever watched a concert. They are a very prominent manufacturer of musical instruments and their product is extremely popular as they have been producing it at a high-quality level for decades. Moreover, it is not too costly either and that is, understandably, quite an important factor for a person who is only starting to become acquainted with keyboards. Therefore, our list includes as many as four different keyboards made by Yamaha.

The first one is Yamaha NP-32 and what is undeniably great about it is that it has 76 keys, a very reasonable spectrum to play in when you are only starting out and even when you have gained some skill playing piano.

At first, it may seem like a good choice to buy a very cheap instrument with only 37 or so keys, but you are soon going to find the keyboard you have bought very uncomfortable to work with and you will be forced to buy another one. Therefore, it is recommended to start out with a decent number of keys available on your keyboard of choice.

The keys on Yamaha NP-32 are quite easy to play and feel extremely light, which may be a good or bad, depending on what you are looking for. If you are looking for a feeling that is closer to a real piano then you may find this one unconvincing. Other than that, it has some fantastic grand piano sounds, but it is limited when it comes to more modern ones.

Yamaha NP-12


Best Keyboards for Beginners: Yamaha NP-12

This keyboard is built lighter than the previous one and is a bit less pricey. It also has fewer keys, only 61 for this one, but it is still plenty to begin with.

The keys themselves are also different from NP-32 as they feel heavier and overall more natural. Again, some people may find it worse particularly for that reason and would argue that it is easier for a beginner to start with very light keys.

Therefore, we present you with a variety of options concerning the feel of the keys and Yamaha NP-12 has a rather heavy one when compared to the previous item on our list.

As for the sounds, only one grand piano sample is included, but there are also some organ, bell, and electric piano sounds to play with.

Yamaha P-115


Best Keyboards for Beginners: Yamaha P115

P-115 might be the best keyboard on our list as it comes with a variety of great features that are worth noting.

It has some amazing sounds and is very user-friendly with a nicely designed button panel and 88 keys.

Moreover, it has the most realistic feel to it when it comes to playing the notes.

It could take forever trying to explain all wonders of this instrument, but what is particularly worth noting is that it also has the highest price out of all keyboards on this list and can become quite an investment for a beginner, even though you unarguably get your money’s worth.
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Yamaha P-45


Best Keyboards for Beginners: Yamaha P45

This is item may be a bit controversial to appear on this list as it is not a keyboard, but rather a digital piano.

It is full sized with 88 keys at your disposal and sounds pretty close to a real grand piano.

The keys are weighted on this one are weighted and are designed to make you adjust to how a real piano feels under your fingertips.

If you are looking to learn how to play a real grand right off the bat, Yamaha P-45 might be just for you, as it comes at a reasonable price and proves to be a solid digital instrument.
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Casio PX-160

Best Keyboards for Beginners: Casio PX-160

Another digital piano makes an appearance at the end of our list. Unlike all the other keyboards and pianos we already mentioned, this one is not manufactured by Yamaha, but it does not mean it is not of high quality.

As a matter of fact, Casio PX-160 might just be a perfect choice for someone starting out playing piano as it allows for a complete freedom of movement in every way.

For one, it is very light, which is quite nice when you have not yet made a special corner for your instrument and in case you need to rearrange things in your home.

Moreover, it also features full 88 keys and feels like a real piano. Its price can also be considered quite an investment just like Yamaha P-115, but it still costs a lot less.

Nevertheless, this investment will probably last you a lifetime as there is no apparent reason to switch from Casio PX-160 to another digital piano unless you want a greater variety of sounds.
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