9 Best Digital Pianos with Weighted Keys

Nothing beats the feeling of sitting down at a real grand piano and making music with it. In a perfect world, every pianist would have access to their own grand at home and on stage. Price, size, and weight prevent this from being a reality, so most musicians to turn to the convenience of digital pianos instead. in this post we will review the 9 best digital pianos with weighted keys.

Many factors come into play when choosing which digital piano to play or purchase; chief among them are keyboard action, sound quality, and price. Here are 9 of the most popular models from the biggest brands on the market, all with 88 key keyboard, sorted into three categories: the Basics, Middle Ground, and Top of the Line.

The Basics

For the beginner or even an experienced player with basic needs

Yamaha P-45

The Yamaha P-45 is an excellent low-cost, bare bones option for the student or pro who needs an authentic piano experience without breaking the bank. Onboard speakers make this an incredibly convenient at-home instrument.



The simple, easy-to-use layout enables anybody to have immediate access to a great sound and feel with a quick press of the power button. This keyboard won’t get you far as an in-depth synthesizer, but it can’t be beat at the price point for solid weighted keys and great sound for anybody’s basic needs.
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Casio Privia PX-350

For years, Casio has been the first choice for beginners or players who are seeking the most affordable option for a quality keyboard instrument. Similar to the Yamaha P-45 with the convenience of built-in speakers, the PX-350 offers a bit more flexibility with a larger sound bank and a screen to display basic operating information.
The PX-350 – or indeed, the entire Privia series - is a great option for anyone with an eye on both price and functionality.



Williams Rhapsody 2

The Rhapsody 2 by Williams brings both affordability and style into your home. The simple and clear button layout makes this model an easy one to navigate without getting trapped in confusing menus.



This model provides weighted action with all of the standard piano, organ, and string sounds you’d expect. The furniture-like design would keep you from casually throwing this instrument in the back of your car for a gig, but for anybody who needs a simple piano substitute for the home or classroom, the Rhapsody 2 is an option to seriously consider.

Middle Ground Digital Pianos with Weighted Keys

No-frills best weighted keyboard options with serious power as a piano substitute.

Roland FP-50

The FP-50 focuses on simplicity and high quality sound. The Ivory Feel-G Keyboard with Escapement gives the player plenty of weight to dig into and play with expressiveness.



This is Roland’s blue-collar option for a pro level digital piano without the distraction of complicated edits; a true plug-and-play with sound that packs a real punch on its own.

Yamaha P-255

The top end of Yamaha’s P-series, the P-255 has a similar bottom line to the Roland FP-50: a no-nonsense approach to great piano sound and feel. The number of voices included is fairly limited at 24, but each sound is of the highest quality. With an identical price point to the aforementioned Roland, this is where personal preference really comes into play.


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The Best Digital Pianos with Weighted Keys

The best out there, for the professional seeking the highest possible quality.

Korg SV-1

Korg really struck gold with the SV-1. This keyboard begs to be played with its sleek casing, and it comes with equally satisfying sound.


korg sv1 - best digital pianos with weighted keys


The vintage electric piano sounds particularly shine with this board - not to take away from the excellent default piano sounds. The instant accessibility of its surface knobs allow for a ton of editing on the fly, and a smaller 73-key version is available for when space limitations come into play. The SV-1 is a unique playing experience that won’t grow old over time.

Yamaha CP4 Stage

Yamaha has been manufacturing acoustic pianos for over 100 years, and every minute of that experience went into the design of the CP4. Real wooden keys and samples from 3 distinct Yamaha pianos add up to a remarkably realistic playing experience – and it weighs in at under 40 pounds to boot. Sound banks from each staple category are available at the press of a button.


Yamaha CP4 - best digital pianos with weighted keys


Features such as one-touch access to the split and layer functions, stereo XLR outputs, and deep sound editing abilities make the CP4 an excellent and practical choice for the gigging pianist.

Roland RD-2000

Truly an all-in-one beast of an instrument, the RD-2000 was made to equip a keyboardist with the ability to fill any musical need with one machine.


roland RD200 - best digital pianos with weighted keys


Roland’s best action and revered V-piano engine, coupled with their SuperNATURAL technology and an endless choice of sounds, make this a keyboard you’ll enjoy for years without ever wanting for an upgrade. The RD-2000 certainly won’t come cheap, but it is a great option for any musician with a flexible budget and a variety of musical needs.

Nord Piano 3

Flexibility is the name of the game when it comes to Nord, and the Piano 3 is certainly no exception. A long list of factory preset piano sounds and user tweaks, plus the ability to download more samples from Nord, make for a highly customizable and rewarding playing experience. Despite a less intuitive setup, an endless amount of editing possibilities coupled with solid piano action make the Piano 3 a force to be reckoned with.


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At the end of the day, the most important element in choosing an electronic keyboard  is how you feel playing it. Each company and model has different strengths and weaknesses, but none of that matters until you’ve experienced the instrument in person. Whatever your price point, the perfect option for you is out there - and chances are high that it is one of these 9 quality digital pianos.