Yamaha P255 Review – Top of the line!

Before starting our Yamaha P255 review, some background, the Yamaha Piano Corporation is a well-known standard in the music industry for producing great instruments, with great sound, for a low price. The P255, is no exception. This digital piano is available in two color styles, satin white, or satin black, and is the top of the line “P Series” piano.

The P255 is a very portable, robust instrument, weighing in at 38 pounds.
It has powerful built-in speakers features a nice selection of sounds other than piano such as organs, strings, harpsichords, electric pianos, etc. These instrument sounds are very useful in mixing and mastering projects and collaborating with musicians who play other instruments.

This instrument is completely set apart from other digital pianos of its kind because of the
built-in features, design elements, and sound for its low price.
The speaker system has 4 30 watt speakers which provides almost as much audio power as a baby grand!.
So for people who want a bigger sound, the Yamaha P255 is a great option.

Please use the data table below to compare the Yamaha P-255 against some of the other digital pianos currently available on the market:

Yamaha CP4

Yamaha CP488128-$$$-
Yamaha CP40
Yamaha CP4088128-$$$-
Casio PX560Casio PX56088256-$$$-
Yamaha CP300Yamaha CP30088128-$$$$-
Casio Inc. PX5SCasio PX5S88256-$$-
Roland FP-30Roland FP-3088128-$$-
Yamaha YDP163Yamaha YDP16388192-$$$-
Kawai ES100Kawai ES10088192-$$-
Yamaha DGX-660Yamaha DGX-66088192-$$-

The next important element to note is the 256-note polyphony which allows for more complexity when playing advanced pieces on piano or recording two different instrument types.

Yamaha also includes an advanced string resonance which helps to produce a more realistic sound.

The Yamaha P255 is often compared with the cheaper Yamaha P115, see our full Yamaha P-115 review here.

Yamaha P255 Review - Top Features

Keyboard quality

Yamaha p255 review - keyboardThe piano action in this model is "GH“ (graded hammer). This key action is used in a wide variety of Yamaha digital piano models. The “GH” action is a step up from the lower priced
“GHS” (graded hammer standard) because it has a more realistic weight, key movement, key action, and stability.
Yamaha included synthetic ivory keys on the P255 which artificially simulates the feel of a real ivory acoustic piano. This material also helps to absorb and dry sweat from the fingers while playing. This feature also helps to eliminate the cheap plastic key look in most digital pianos.

Sustain Pedal

Included with the P255 is a sustain pedal which works well for basic sustain function. This
model achieves a realistic pedaling experience because of its efficiency, achieving an almost perfect note decay time.

Decay time is how long the note will play for when holding down a key or holding down the pedal. In a real acoustic piano, the lower notes of the keyboard always have longer pedal sustain times than higher notes and the P255 does a great job at recreating this experience.

Sound Quality

There are a total of 25 different instrument sounds including many types of acoustic pianos. The layout and design are very sleek looking and is extremely easy to use and navigate. It is possible to layer any two instruments together or split two instruments between the keyboard.

The effects and reverbs included are a nice upgrade and professional musicians will like these special effects.
The piano remembers the effects that you put on it so you can have different effects applied to different instruments, and they will be recalled when you go back to that sound, which is very nice.
The Yamaha P255 incorporates an acoustic design which creates well-balanced tone and produces bright high notes that can easily be adjusted through the control panel.

Yaamaha P255 sound demo:

Ipad APP - Nice!

Another great feature is that Yamaha has also developed an iPad app that can be used to program the control panel, so the app is a great help in navigating through the various sound functions. This makes for a nice user interface that allows you to easily control the piano sound, key action, and a multitude of useful features which makes the playing experience even more enjoyable.

Yamaha p255 Review - Ipad App

Other Features

There are a few other awesome features in this model which include:
10 realistic sound drum rhythm patterns so that you can play along with a drummer which can help with rhythm and timing.
A USB flash drive on the front so that you can play and record MIDI files Sound boost which gives you the ability to have an instant increase in volume, brightness, and/or
power when you want it.

There is USB output to iPad or laptop computer so you can use iPad apps and computer software to record or mix with MIDI, live. Also, there are 2 stereo headphone jacks on the left of the piano and audio outputs which are great to have, and stereo audio input on the back of the piano to plug in any external device like a microphone.

Some people think the keyboard is priced extremely high, however, they soon begin to realize that the price is justified due to the wide variety of amazing features. In fact, it is extremely difficult to find a negative review because the keyboard is at such a high value for the money you will pay. It might come with a bigger price tag than others, but it also comes with a lot more

See the Yamaha P255 technical specification
Download the Yamaha P255 Manual

9 Total Score
Top of the line!

Finally, the P255 in both the satin black and satin white colors is a great piano that produces a great sound. The P255 is a very good step up from the lower range pianos people who are looking for a portable keyboard with built-in speakers. An optional furniture stand and tri-pedal assembly are available for people who want the P255 to look and function like an actual piano.