Yamaha P45 Review – Effortless playing

So, you have decided to buy a digital piano finally. With so many options in the market may get you confused. Don’t worry! our Yamaha P45 review is here to help, it is not that harrowing provided you know what you expect from your buy. That said, we mean you could be a professional or a beginner, you must choose accordingly. Your skill levels matter a lot when selecting a digital piano for sure. Today, we are about to discuss one such product called the Yamaha P45 Digital Piano that has conquered hearts with its precision. We are here to talk about if that stands right for you as well.

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Yamaha P45 Review - Main Features

The Yamaha P45 is a feature rich digital piano that comes with 64-note polyphony that makes it’s sound more authentic. In addition to this, you get a USB port with this that certainly makes recording and downloading symphonies a breeze. There is more to this piano and we have laid them down in details in this section. In case, you are planning to give this a go, then pay attention and read it till the end.

Build quality

Yamaha is a brand that has been in this business for a long time and unlike its competitor, Casio, it knows how to keep things simple. Hence, they have totally eradicated the use of a glossy top to avoid scratches. Plus, the keys have been engineered carefully not to let dirt or dust settle into keys. Seems like Yamaha really played it smart!

Sound quality

It mimics the sound of a natural contrivance because of the Advanced Wave Memory Stereo. This technology recreates natural sound in a deep and rich way. It sounds good on dedicated headphones, so we advise you to make the most of them. Additionally, you must be told that it generates sound in pairs of waveforms and you can play music at different volumes that add texture to your music.

Yamaha P45 sound demo:



This is a slim and chic piano that you can carry along for your outdoor gigs or family music sessions. It has a clear design and 12 inches in depth, which implies that you can take it out and enjoy your music anytime you want. Being light in weight helps it all the more and you can, indubitably flaunt your musical genius with this gadget.


With the help of weighted GHS that have lighter action in high end and heavier action in low end, you feel like playing an acoustic piano. The ivory feel of the white keys and the non-slippery black keys add to your experience without a doubt. Not to mention, this makes it an authentic bargain.


It does not have an in-built recorder, but it comes with a unique feature of transforming your music into digital piano. In this regards, mention has to be made about the iOS connectivity that can transpose the keys and help you enjoy the same benefits on your smartphone. You can also control the voices through this app. Singers can enjoy the singing as well playing along facility with this app. This definitely makes it a cool gadget that you can use in various ways.

Effortless playing

The whole point of our conversation brings us to think of one thing that the Yamaha P45 is a seamless musical instrument. You will be surprise to know that the keys do not make any clicking or thudding sound when pressed in quick succession. Besides, you get a music holder that is considered to be quite spacious for a digital piano.

Yamaha P45 video review:



Who uses the Yamaha P45?
Point is, if you are learning your game and want something as light as 26 pounds, then the Yamaha p45 Digital Piano is for you. Fact is, if you are interested in something that is suitable for people with intermediate skills and is considered to be a budget digital piano for experienced musicians, then this is it. This musical instrument is somewhat an in-between a piano and a keyboard. That means, you can enjoy the best of both of worlds with this piece of equipment.


8.5 Total Score
Feature rich and affordable!

The Yamaha P45 is a feature rich digital piano that comes with 64-note polyphony that makes it’s sound more authentic. It includes a USB port that certainly makes recording and downloading symphonies a breeze. This is a slim and chic piano that you can carry along for your outdoor gigs or family music sessions.

  • Well-built digital piano from the house of Yamaha
  • It comes with full sized keyboard with all the 88 keys that you may need
  • Has a graded keyboard that is of Hammer Standard
  • You get 10 voices to mix with, that are in-built in this digital piano
  • The controls are way simpler for a first timer
  • Light in weight makes it a highly portable instrument
  • Has a strong bass and highs are very clear
  • USB connectivity means you can pair it with your computer or smartphone and enjoy your music
  • Most importantly, the has Yamaha P45 a melodious symphony that you cannot escape
  • Unquestionably, it is an expensive option for a beginner
  • Sound seems to be insufficient, especially if you have big rooms
  • The foot pedal is kind of flimsy