Yamaha P71 Review – Great for Beginners

Buying a Yamaha P71 can be highly beneficial as they are durable and allow for an enjoyable experience. The P71 was released in 2016 and boasts the high quality that has come to be expected when buying a Yamaha product.
If you are a beginner that doesn’t want to overspend, this piano is ideal for you, as it will allow you to learn and progress your skills. So, let’s take a look at the P71’s features in detail.
This Yamaha p71 review will cover this model main features.

Yamaha p71 Review - Main Features

The Yamaha P71 features a full-sized 88-weighted-key keyboard. Whether you are a beginner, an advanced player, or a casual player, the importance of playing on weighted keys can’t be denied. Weighted keys train your fingers, making them stronger as you play.
This digital piano also comes with a power adapter and a sustain pedal, making it quick and simple for you to get started.
The piano is available in white and black and is elegant and simple in design. Yamaha pianos are designed to be compact and this is evident in this piano. Although the look is simple, it has plenty of features included. Plus, the most impressive thing about the P71 is that you get all of this quality for such a reasonable price.
The digital sampling of this piano is impressive. With this feature, you can switch between a variety of voices and you can simulate 10 different piano voices. This means you can experience different sounds all in one keyboard.

Before continuing with our review, please use the table below to compare the Yamaha P-71 against some of the other top-selling pianos available on the market:

Yamaha P115Yamaha P115

yamaha DGX-650 digital pianoYamaha
yamaha p45Yamaha
yamaha-p255 digital piano

Casio PX160Casio Privia PX-160

Korg b1Korg B188120-$-
Alesis Coda

Alesis Coda88128-$-
Alesis RecitalAlesis Recital88128-$-
Yamaha DGX-660Yamaha DGX-66088192-$$-
Yamaha NP32Yamaha NP327664-$-

Assemble Quality and Design:

This piano has a straightforward layout and is the perfect size to easily fit anywhere in your home. Yamaha is known for planning their pianos selectively, and the P71 is no different. It is so compact that the depth of the piano itself is only 12 inches. It also weighs just 25 pounds, making it easy to move or transport.

Yamaha P71 design:


Yamaha p71 review - keyboard size
The 88 weighted keys allow your fingers to feel more grounded when playing on this piano. This has an impact on your skill development as well as your enjoyment of playing. It also means you can effortlessly transition from a digital piano to an acoustic piano with relative ease. Your fingers will also experience less finger fatigue as they get stronger from playing on the weighted keys.

Sound Sampling

Advanced, professional sound sampling has been integrated in this piano, as it is with all Yamaha pianos. The authenticity of the sound quality given to the 10 voices is impressive and allows you to find a voice that you like best. The tones are specifically examined from various Yamaha grand pianos so the most accurate sound is captured and recreated.

Recording Feature

This is a favored feature with this piano and it lets you record a two-part harmony and play it back. You can easily record your practice sessions and play them when needed. You can also record an accompaniment for duets, allowing you to extend your range even further.

Double Mode

This feature allows you to select two different instruments that can then be played at the same time. For example, you can select strings and piano, playing strings with the left half of the piano, and piano on the right half. There is an assortment of synthesizer and instrument voices built into this piano, so you can really explore your creativity.


You don’t have to be limited to being alone or certain times thanks to the headphone input. Simply connect your choice of headphones to the piano and you can enjoy entering a world all your own.


The P71 is popular among beginners thanks to its easy volume and feature controls. Even if you have never seen a digital piano before, the simplicity and user-friendliness of this piano ensure you will quickly and easily learn how to use the straightforward and usable controls.

USB port

This piano boasts a USB port which means you can easily interface the piano to a computer so you can add extra features and upgrades quickly and simply.


The P71 piano comes with a power cable, sustain pedal and a sheet music holder. These extra features make the playing experience even more enjoyable and ensure you can start playing your piano straight away without the need for extra purchases.

Yamaha P71 Vs P115

The P115 is the next step up from the P71. It boasts a matte finish on the keys and has various options with regards to the touch settings. The P115 gives you plenty of control over the sensitivity and feel of the keys, allowing you to adjust them to your playing style.
The P115 piano also has a built-in speaker system the reproduces clean and clear audio resonance. Through these speakers, you can hear the quality and care with which it was built. It is more expensive than the P71, but it is the next step up when you have advanced your skill.
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Yamaha P71 Vs P45

The P45 is another starter keyboard for novices looking for a quality piano with a budget. The P45 has almost identical features to the P71, both having the same 88 weighted keys and almost all the same voices, effects, and sounds.
The main difference between the two is that the P71 was made exclusively for sale on Amazon and the P45 is more expensive. However, looking at overall quality, there isn’t much difference between the two pianos. They are both great options for novices just starting out.
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8.5 Total Score
Impressive for its price

The Yamaha P71 is a great choice if you are looking for a higher quality piano to start learning on that doesn’t cost a fortune. Its excellent construction and impressive sound features allow you to learn and develop your skill while exploring your creative side. The full-sized keyboard and the advanced sound create an atmosphere of playing a real piano. The compact size also makes it easy to transport and position in your home without being too conspicuous.

  • The sounds, voices, and playability of this piano are impressive and ideal for a novice or casual player
  • The weighted keys empower players to learn the correct playing method and improve their skills
  • Very simple layout makes it easy to select voices, change controls, and adjust the volume
  • The smooth, compact design and light weight of this piano makes it easy to set up, move, and position
  • The double mode feature draws out a players creativity, allowing them to explore their musical interests
  • The grand piano voices are high-quality and very authentic
  • The features and voices are great for a beginner, but may limit an advanced player or someone who advances quickly
  • The P71 doesn’t have an LED display screen which restricts your ability to customize the voices or features being used